Metal Wire Handle for Plastic Buckets

Our Factory
We make millions of
Metal Wire Handles
for plastic buckets
every week

We specialize in the production of metal handles for plastic buckets - with or without plastic grip. High precision provided by modern technology.

5 stars quality
Metal wire handle with plastic grip on bucket
Buckets with metal wire handles and plastic grips

Our goal

Our goal is to deliver high quality product at reasonable price.

Zbigniew Nowak, CEO at MetalGrip

Manufacturer of bucket handles

Our company specialize in manufacturing of metal wire handles with plastic grip. Our goal is to deliver high quality product at reasonable price.

Our machine park is equipped with modern equipment. All of work is done with high precision. Our factory is located in Poland - European Union.

Production capacity
3-5 millions / month
Handles Designs
  • handle in box
  • handles in box
  • metal wires in warehouse
  • metal wires in warehouse
  • machine manufacturing metal handles
  • plastic grips
  • plastic grips

Our Handles Designs

We have about 60 handles designs but we can make custom design suited your needs.

We use high quality metal wires: 2,8, 3,0 3,2 3,4 3,8 4,0 [mm] but we can use other type if you need.

We produce metal handles with or without plastic grip - it is up to you.

We produce oval, rectangular, curved and bent wire handles.

  • handle design 1
  • handle design 2
  • handle design 3
  • handle design 4
  • handle design 5
  • handle design 6
  • handle design 7
  • handle design 8
  • handle design 9
  • handle design 10
  • handle design 11
  • handle design 12
  • handle design 13
  • handle design 14
  • handle design 15
  • handle design 16
  • handle design 17

Galvanized wire in straight lengths / Cut Wire

We offer galvanized wire with increased hardness of 550 -720 N/mm2 in straight sections.

Lengths from 10 mm to 800 mm
Diameters 2,7 mm, 3,0 mm, 3,2 mm, 3,4 mm, 3,8 mm, 4,0 mm.

Other diameters possible on request.

  • cut wire 1
  • cut wire 2

Get in touch

We are open to new business opportunites. Contact with us if you have any questions.

Postal address

Mokre 77

88-306 Dabrowa, Poland

Phone number
+48 697 715 200 (english)